• Load capacity from 10 to 80 tons
  • Low noise level 75 dB
  • Adaptable to different processes: helical, dry, hard, etc.
  • Suitable for automated lines
  • 100% electromechanical machine
  • Energy saving around 50%

Broaching speed 1-12m/min
Return speed 24m/min
Number of work stations Up to 3


Supply voltage 380-480 V AC, 50/60Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
PLC Control Unit Siemens


Lubrication oil type DIN 51502 G 68, 3 l
Compressed air 6 bar, 400 l/min
Emulsion (coolant/oil) 400 l


The RISHEM machine is an electromechanical, vertical internal broaching machine, of the type known as “table-up”. In this configuration two servomotors push the main slide with the part along the length of broach, which itself remains stationary. This configuration offers the following advantage:
  • It enables the workstations to be located around 960 mm from the floor, thus avoiding the need for a pit.
  • It can be easily integrated into a machining cell with other machines of differing types.
  • Working with an electromechanical drive, there is NO hydraulic unit, which in turn means a smaller installed surface area, better energy performance, a lower noise level and fewer waste materials generated (no hydraulic oil).
  • In addition, the machine can quickly and easily be adapted to other part references to be broached.

The column has a symmetric assembly, a double drive system for the main slide: screws, cylindric guides, and the workstations in the center. All this is designed in the same axis, in such a way as to ensure that the force generated during broaching and the thrust force generated by the machine are in the same axis, avoiding so torque and internal tensions.



Electromechanical internal broaching machine with table up.

  • Mobile table electromechanical machine
  • Internal broaching
  • Load capacity from 10 to 80 tons
  • Suitable for automated lines
  • 100% electromechanical machine
  • Energy saving around 50%

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