Owning own thermal treatment, having a highly specialized technical service and strategically collaborating with technology centers makes us unique.

What makes us unique

Differentiating traits.

Ekin is characterized in front of its competitors by having some capabilities that make it unique: It has its own thermal treatment, has a highly specialized technical service and collaborates strategically with technology centers. All this allows offering a comprehensive offer for all the needs of the sector.

Ekin is a world leader in tooling and machinery related to broaching, an operation that consists in the linear and progressive starting of a body chip through an ordered succession of cutting edges. Originally used for the machining of internal grooves, this technique soon extended to the machining of other surfaces and shapes. The broaching inside, outside, blind or tube brings simplicity, speed, high productivity, low cost per piece and great precision and stability in the process.

Heat treatment


Technology centers.

Heat treatment.

With two vacuum furnaces and 6 tempering furnaces in more than 1,400 square meters of its facilities in Lemoa, Ekin has the only State heat treatment plant for large broaches. This gives a competitive advantage, since it integrates the heat treatment process in the Ekin group itself, which allows total independence from external suppliers. The process starts from a wide range of fast steels, both rolled and powder metallurgical, to proceed with machining, hardening and tempering of flat and round tools.


The Engineering Department realizes the slogan “Thinking together” that unites supplier and client with added value. Ekin not only offers products, but also engineering for any development related to the activity of its clients, analyzing their requirements and needs, as well as offering decades of experience in their different lines of business. To this it adds equipment that moves to the facilities of its customers to guarantee the requirements and ensure quality control.

Constant collaboration with technology centers.

Ekin maintains an own and collaborative R + D + i activity based on local and international technological development programs with university entities such as Mondragón Unibertsitatea and Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea- University of the Basque Country. On the other hand, in addition to its own developments, it also collaborates with technology centers such as Ideko and CEIT for specific technological innovation projects.


One of the great competitive advantages that Ekin brings is its offer of integral solutions. Ekin covers all aspects in the sectors of brochado and laminado in cold, in whose tools and machinery of high precision is a world leader. Thus, it offers engineering, tool and machinery manufacturing, sharpening service and technical assistance under its motto “Thinking together”.