Rolling and Broaching machines

At ekin we are absolutely committed to care for the environment and therefore one of our priority objectives is to become 100% sustainable in the shortest period of time.

To achieve this, we have been printing the ecological stamp on our machines in such a way that they consume the least possible energy, produce less noise pollution and generate less waste. The result is more productive and efficient machines in any case.

Broaching machines

Internal broaching.

At ekin we are specialists in the manufacture of internal broaching machines: RIS Series.


Internal broaching
Electromechanical internal broaching machine with table up
Load capacity from 10 to 80 tons


Internal broaching
Hydraulically drive
Fixed table / Tool movement
Broaching machines

External broaching.

At ekin we are specialists in the manufacture of external broaching machines: RAS Series.

RAS Brake Caliper

External broaching
Hydraulically driven
Easy integration in automated lines

RAS Steering Rack

External broaching
Electromechanically driven
Higher efficiency, higher productivity

RAS Bearing Caps

External broaching
External Surface broaching machine
Bearing caps

Rolling machines.

At ekin we are specialists in the manufacture of both vertical and horizontal rolling machines.

Laminadora vertical

Vertical Rolling

Rolling machine
Hydraulic drive
Reduced implantation space

Horizontal Rolling

Rolling machine
High rigidity with compact structure
Versatility in the configuration of the tool holder