• Hydraulically drive
  • Low noise level 80 dB
  • Fixed table / Tool movement

Broaching speed 1-9m/min
Return speed 12m/min
Number or work stations Up to 3


Supply voltage 380-480 V AC, 50/60Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
PLC Control Unit Siemens


Lubrication oil type DIN 51502 G 68, 3 l
Compressed air 6 bar, 400 l/min
Emulsion (coolant/oil) 400 l


The RISZ machine is a Hydraulic broaching machine with fixed table. The basic machine is designed considering the alignment of the forces generated during the broaching process. The puller slide pulls the broaching-tool through the workpiece using two hydraulic cylinders while the part is still in the workbench. These cylinders are in line with the broaching station, preventing so dual forces or torques.

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