Broaching services

Ekin also offers its customers the possibility of broaching operations, in which it guarantees the highest standards of precision and quality in the market.

Ekin is a world leader in tooling and machinery related to broaching, an operation that consists in the linear and progressive starting of a body chip through an ordered succession of cutting edges. Originally used for the machining of internal grooves, this technique soon extended to the machining of other surfaces and shapes.

Brochado interno

The broaching inside, outside, blind or tube brings simplicity, speed, high productivity, low cost per piece and great precision and stability in the process. The machines designed and manufactured by Ekin respond to the requirements of each client and start from an ecodesign concept, seeking a continuous improvement in energy consumption, reducing noise and waste pollution. Ekin also achieves excellence in sharpening broaches, which extends their lives and profitability.

Cold rolled

Ekin’s leadership also includes cold rolled or rolled, deformation process by which the desired flute is produced in a piece located between points taking advantage of the plastic properties of steel. This process is characterized by its high productivity, the robustness of the machined axes and the absence of shavings.

servicio de laminado en frio

Ekin is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of laminating machines. In its offer of services includes the ability to repair, modify, reconvert and renew these equipment regardless of its brand and type.

servicio de laminado en frio
laminado en frio

Re-sharpening tools

The sharpening service for Ekin products obtains yields well above the average provided by the market thanks to its experience and specialization achieved during its five decades of activity.


 Tool regeneration

Ekin counts among its specialties with the capacity of regeneration of lamination racks, applicable both to those produced in its facilities and to others of different brands, so that they can dedicate themselves to the same improved or different use.


Ekin provides an integral service in technical assistance as well as in operations of sharpening, broaching and regeneration for products of its brand and others of the sector. In a field of action covering five continents, Ekin serves companies in the automotive, aeronautics, power generation and capital equipment sectors.

The Technical Assistance Service (SAT) attends to all the products, as a guarantee or not, in every need, either of replacement of parts, repairs, revisions, etc. Ekin is also specialized in the reconversion of machinery, own or of other brands.