• High rigidity with compact structure
  • High precision of rolling
  • Versatility in the configuration of the tool holder
  • Motorized tailstock (stop control)
  • DOP adjustment
  • Possibility of using blades in tools

Broaching speed 3-15m/min
Return speed 30m/min
Rack bases distance 5,5″/6″
Rack maximum length 13″/24″/36″/48″


Supply voltage 380-480 V AC, 50/60Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
PLC Control Unit Siemens


Lubrication oil type DIN 51502 G 68, 3 l
Compressed air 6 bar, 400 l/min
Emulsion (coolant/oil) 400 l
Hydraulic oil 700 l


The LH is a horizontal rolling machine. In this configuration two screws (or hydraulic cylinders in case of the hydraulic solution) push the slides along the length of the rack tool. The part, positioned between the slides, is rolled in one stroke by deformation.From the mechanical point of view, the base machine consists on a “C” shape frame, stabilized, separated in two main bodies (upper and lower), ensuring a high rigidity and thermal-mechanical stability. Two servomotors, with direct transmission to dedicated planetary screws that are pushing the slides, two per toolholder, sliding on steel hardened guideways fixed on an assembled bedframe. These guides protected by scrapers.The stroke of the tailstock system is PLC controlled, moved with a screw system and a servomotor. Each component’s program, referred in this document as “recipe”, can be chosen so the position would be adjusted automatically accordingly.The headstock system follows the movement given by the tailstock, ensuring the pressure over the component by a pneumatic solution. The length of the component is controlled by a linear scale located on the headstock. With this solution the machine automatically detects wrong size components giving an alarm accordingly.The clamping system between head-stock and tail-stock which both can be either a bell (to fit onto a chamfer) or a center (to fit into a center hole) depending on the component and rolling type to be performed. In the tailstock side the system includes a floating part positioning, mainly appropriate in case of rolling splines with a groove and a blade insert tooling rack.

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