In a sector as sensitive as aeronautics quality controls are especially exhaustive and our products offer the guarantee of maximum efficiency and safety. Much of our success lies in our ability to adapt to the demands of the sector.

The raw material is the fundamental axis in aeronautics and in ekin we know how to adapt the entire production process around it, manufacturing high quality pieces that have made us one of the most powerful companies in the State.

At ekin we specialize in the design and production of a wide variety of fast steel broaches, for broaching “Fir Tree” and “Dove Tail” profiles on turbine discs made of Inconel material, and other special complex machining steels.

This year 2019 we have gone hand in hand with HEGAN (Basque Aeronautics Cluster) to the international space and aeronautics fair Paris Air Show.

brochas aeronautica

Ekin has participated in the Paris Air Show, an international fair for aeronautics and space, held in Paris from June 17 to 23, 2019, and has received the support of ICEX, as well as the co-financing of European FEDER Funds.

Aeronautical broaches.

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