Our commitment to R+D+i and the adaptation of our products to the needs of each client have made us a benchmark in Europe and worldwide.



Our commitment to R + D + i and the adaptation of our products to the needs of each client have made us a benchmark in Europe and worldwide.

Thanks to our extraordinary engineering department they imagine, design and create and collaborations with leading European technology centers, we can offer companies leading and personalized products.

New challenges, continuous evolution.

Thanks to our high level of competitiveness, in 1994 we became one of the first Basque companies to obtain the ISO 9000 certificate. ekin has also been awarded quality certificates by the most demanding customers on the market: the leading automotive manufacturers.


Machines are the products which best represent ekin’s knowhow, and we manufacture all the machines necessary for producing each part and tool. We are world leaders in high-precision machines and tools for broaching and cold rolling. Moreover, we are a key player in this industry in Europe, with full in-house design, development and assembly capacity.


Additive Manufacturing

Anti-corrosive applications


On the other hand, Ekin enjoys a privileged environment in terms of the supply of technological services and takes advantage of it collaborating with centers of this nature and researching jointly with the university environment to develop any product related to the world of the brush.

Thus, together with these research centers, it participates continuously in state and European development programs. In this area, its participation in the European program EASE-R3 stands out, which develops Innovative Strategies for the Renewal and Repair of Manufacturing Systems. This project, which is part of the seventh Framework Program for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, brings together a total of 14 organizations (companies, universities and technology centers), of which state representatives are Ideko-Ik4 and Ekin herself.

Another example of its activity in the European environment is its participation, together with fifteen other organizations, in the AMCOR consortium, whose objective is the development and demonstration of an automated and flexible repair process for components of functionally graduated materials (FGM), in the one that Ekin takes part in the section of additive manufacturing for coatings and anticorrosive applications.

In all his activity, Ekin tries that his new developments are based in programs of calculation able to ensure the behavior of the tools and of the accionamientos of the machines. In short, the R & D department of Ekin has as its strategic axis the promotion of all the necessary technological developments to ensure its present and future competitiveness.



ekin is up to the challenge of being up-to-date on how many advances are made, incorporating them into its production processes, which allows it to work with the most demanding companies at a technological level.

The desire for innovation has always been in the characteristics of ekin. Already in the 90s we were pioneers in the manufacture of broaches of mobile table interiors in Europe and ekin is today one of the largest manufacturers of broaches in the continent. Few companies in the world count our prestige in brochado and laminado in cold.


Human factor.

Working with machines does not mean that value is subtracted from the human factor and in ekin we know that none of this would be possible without people. That is why we take care of each and every one of our workers, fostering their satisfaction and personal growth. It is from the minds of our workers that the ideas that have turned us into a leading company come out, able to adapt their products to the real needs of their clients and to offer them an integral and unbeatable service. ekin is the best example of how far you can go, relying on the ability to imagine the human being.

ISO 9000.

The high degree of competence of our cooperative led us in 1994 to be one of the first Basque companies to obtain ISO 9000 certification.
ekin has the quality certificates of the most demanding customers in the market: the main automotive manufacturers.

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy