Working with machine tools is our passion.


Our commitment to iR&D and the adaptation of our products to the individual needs of each customer have made us a key player in our market, both in Europe and worldwide.

Thanks to our workforce of over 220 people, our extraordinary engineering department, which is constantly imagining, designing and creating, and our collaboration with leading European technology centres, we are able to offer companies cutting-edge, customised products.

EKIN has risen to the challenge of keeping abreast of all advances and incorporating them into our production processes; as a result of this, we are able to work shoulder to shoulder with some of the world's most technologically-demanding firms.

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Leaders in quality and innovation

We use the very latest verification techniques to continue manufacturing machines and tools which satisfy not only the demands of our customers, but our own stringent quality standards also

More than innovation

This innovative working model is based on the improvement of internal processes and ongoing investment in the implementation of technological advances. At EKIN, we attach special importance to investment, because we know that profits are best used for improvement and renovation purposes. Investment, hard work and training and the ingredients required for innovation.

In addition to all the control measures required by suppliers, current legislation and the quality system itself, we also apply the most stringent standards to all our facilities and follow a strict continuous improvement plan and quality, technical and environmental training programme, among other steps.

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New challenges, continuous evolution

Thanks to our high level of competitiveness, in 1994 we became one of the first Basque companies to obtain the ISO 9000 certificate. EKIN has also been awarded quality certificates by the most demanding customers on the market: the leading automotive manufacturers.

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Personal responsibility

Every worker knows, at all times and in all cases, why and for whom he or she is making each individual part, machine or order. This approach to our work ensures optimum personal and group involvement among our employees, which is why our results are always excellent.

Personal responsibility throughout each and every one of the manufacturing processes, as well as in relation to the end product itself, is an intrinsic value in every EKIN team. In addition to prior technical training, each worker must undergo several years of in-situ training in our plant in order to attain what we deem to be an optimum performance level. Consequently, everyone who works at EKIN is highly qualified, which means that the terms specialisation and versatility are no longer incompatible, becoming instead complementary values that set us apart from our competitors.

Commitment to society

Our working method is cross-cutting, and is inspired by people and their abilities. It is a shining example of exemplary teamwork that is acknowledged and admired throughout the world.

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