More than innovation


This innovative working model is based on the improvement of internal processes and ongoing investment in the implementation of technological advances. At EKIN, we attach special importance to investment, because we know that profits are best used for improvement and renovation purposes. Investment, hard work and training and the ingredients required for innovation.

In addition to all the control measures required by suppliers, current legislation and the quality system itself, we also apply the most stringent standards to all our facilities and follow a strict continuous improvement plan and quality, technical and environmental training programme, among other steps.

We also have a system of rotating teams made up by workers themselves, who periodically check all our facilities in order to guarantee everyone’s safety and wellbeing. 

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, EKIN develops prototypes for its customers and collaborates with different departments at the University of the Basque County and Mondragon Unibertsitatea. We have also signed technology and commercial exchange agreements with leading companies abroad.